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Fire Fighting

Fire protection engineers use science and technology to protect people and property from fire. When designing new buildings or renovations to existing buildings fire protection engineers develop the plan for fire protection.Fire Systems Design reflects and supports the role of fire systems designers who prepare detailed technical designs and documentation for water-based fire suppression systems and fire detection as a occupant warning systems. The fire systems designs syllabus is covered in Diploma that meet the requirements of the Building Code of particular country or detailed designs prepared for alternative solutions specified by fire safety engineer. The Fire Systems Design also includes stream qualification for annual certifier of fire systems.

The high growth rate of the economy in India has spelt a boom in realty sector as well. With so much development taking place the need to have specialized fire fighting services are very critical for the overall safety of the citizens. Fire systems designers may enter the industry from a diverse range of occupations and sectors. They may choose to extend their careers by seeking to undertake subsequent higher education qualifications in related disciplines, including mechanical engineering and fire engineering.