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section 1
Plumbing design is a sub discipline of mechanical and Civil engineering. An efficient plumbing  design  that saves water and energy resources. A good design incorporates short runs between plumbing fixtures and uses state-of-the art materials. A plumbing design must include two systems: the system that supplies water and the system that gets rid of waste. Plumbing do not just design & install and repair existing pipes; they also maintain new pipes as construction takes place. Plumbing course can offer you the skills to work in residential, commercial, and public settings. If you work in a big enough centers, you can choose to specialize in a certain area, such as new installations in commercial buildings.
Section 2
Introduction to Plumbing System
Cold Water, Gray Water System, Sewage System, Hot Water Circulating System, Irrigation System, Storm Water System

Common Sanitary Fixture Details
Lavatories, Water Closet, Showers, Sinks, Bathtubs, Bidets, Urinals, Floor drains, Layout of Sanitary fixtures in toilets

▪ Types of Flow
▪ Types of water
▪ Continuity Equation
▪ Units & conversation
▪ hazen williams formula
▪ Manning’s formula

▪ Types of sprinklers
▪ distribution of sprinkler
▪ fitting used in sprinkler system

Pipe sizing
▪ Thumb rules
▪ Fixture method
▪ Velocity plumbing pipes
▪ Pipe sizing Excel Program
▪ Cold Water System, Hot water system, Gray system Irrigation system, Strom water System
▪hydraulic calculation

▪ Type of pumps
▪ Pump laws
▪ Pump selection
▪ Transfer pump
▪ Booster pump
▪ Circulation pump
▪ Pressurize tank sizing

Drainage System
▪ Overviews
▪ Types of pipe
▪ Slope in drainage system

▪ Grease interceptor details
▪ Oil interceptor details
▪ Sewage ejector system details
▪ Septic tank details

▪ Traps and fittings

▪ Branch pipe sizing
▪ Stack sizing
▪ Project
▪ Drainage pipe calculation hydraulic calculation combined system calculation

● Ground level tank (or) sump
● Over head tank
● 7-tank piping ( filling , over flow & vent )

Section 3
As water resources are depleting day to day, there is an immediate attention for economical water consumption & recycling, making Public Health Engineering a significant element. Plumbing industry has been around in one form or other from 8000 years spreading its wings from unclogging household drains to installing high pressure industrial steam pipes. Recent trends in construction & plumbing sectors, results in tremendous increase in volatility over the past few years consequently generating a huge work platform